February 25, 2010

training center in sg petani

The jumble up progress of building a training room that can fit to the max of 25 people.
The first training session is done on 15/1/10 thus it commomerate as the official opening of the training room cum office in Kg bukit kecik, sg petani kedah.

first group of trainees at the new training room.


February 22, 2010

base of pond

5 meter diameter fiber tank with connish base. the side is fabricate in the factory while the base is fabricate on site.

protien skimmer

These pictures are examples of a protien skimmer and screen filter for recirculating water system

A word of advise.

Since I started giving lectures on how to go about in growing freshwater fishes, a common question that I have to answer, what is the best fish to grow or should I grow catfish or patin, or something that need me to give the questioner a direct any of either catfish or patin or etc etc. Sometime they ask how to go about in this business.

However, I alway take a rather indirect approach to the question. Beyond the needs to make a profit from the aquaculture business, I belives the following question should be answered before one make a committement into this industry.

1. who is my buyer and what are they buying? example. : trader and they will buy at least 1 tonnes of certain species of fish.

2. is there alternative buyers

3. what is my cash flow look like

4. am I suitable for the work

5. can the product be value added

Once these questions have been answered on can you start to plan into joining into the industry. Even then,where do you want to joint the industry, as a buyer/trader, grower, hatchery, or retailer.

As in any other business, in the first year, 95% of the new entries will fails, and in 5 years, 99% will fails.

We have been in the business over 7 years. Alhamdulillah, we are moving forwar.