February 28, 2014



 A new batch of rock osyters and green oysters (kupang) spat and juveniles arrived for sorting and cleaning these morning. In preparation, new racks using 2X3 inches hard wood was place on the river raft to hang the oysters basket. Spent a couple of days preparing the baskets. The price of the basket have rise from Rm 2.70 to Rm 3.5 per unit. The oily rope that have uv protection is now rm14 per kg. One roll of 4 mm rope can be use on 100 basket and one role of 6 mm rope about 92 basket as the anchor of about 1.5 depa (about 2 meter). This will allow us the leeway to adjust the rope accordingly to adjust to water salinity during the raining season.
This is very necessary adjustment for green oysters that react very badly to reduce salinity i.e. they will either die or release themselves from the grow out rope if the salinity is less than 10 ppt longer than 24 hours. As of for rock oysters they can tolerate reduce salinity up to 4-5 days. At the same time high salinity of more than 30ppt over long run such as in Langkawi or tanjung dawai will attract a lot of hang on such as teritip that will compete for food with the oysters that lead to slow growth and in some instants death. ( reported by some friends in langkawi).

Everybody chip in the works.

 The anchor rope must be large (at least 6 mm in diameter ) to avoid pain in the palm during tying to the anchoring rack.

The spat came in gunny sacks and transported during the night to avoid the heat and dry wind.

The rock oysters that needs cleaning up from barnacles, and baby rock oysters ( to avoid food competition).

Rock oyster or tiram susu always have this marking where the muscle of the oyster attached itself to the shell. This oyster is best to be eaten alive with a wee bit of lime or lemon.

The green oysters are about 2 inches in size.

The oyster will be ridden off the barnacles and baby oysters. The oysters will grow faster this way as there will be less competition for food.

School kid who are on their week end holiday is being use to help in the works. They get pocket money for their  works.

As a reminder., all these osyters are for sale. For people living in outside  Sg petani. only the rock osyters are for sale it will be fresh up to 4 day out of  the water.


February 22, 2014

Cleaning of oyster

Salam. One of the routine work involve in rearing of rock oysters is grading, cleaning and separating the spats from the adult oysters. It help the oyster to grow better and hopefully faster by eliminating the cramp living space in the rack. During the cleaning process, we will remove all the unwanted debris including sponges, see weeds, fan clam, small crabs, and organic debris such as mangrove seeds and leaves. Its a tedious works. We also clean up the lips of the oysters.

Our working tools including hammer, short knife and/or "pahat" and a good pair of soft gloves else you might have multiple lacerations on you paws. These rock oyster have very shape outer lips but very nice and tasty meat which will be enhanced with a tat of lime or lemon juice. The raw oysters that you eat in the hotels are mostly imported frozen and does not have that "sea" taste ie the slight salty taste that give these live oysters addictive.

Anyway,I am selling these oysters "B" grade at RM2.50 per piece including transportation with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. Plese SMS 0192710431 to order. This offer is only for Semenanjung Malaysia only. Restaurant and hotel have a further 5% discount with the 200 pieces minimum order.


February 11, 2014

ternakan udang kaki puteh

salam, saya baru mencuba menternak udang kaki puteh atau udang vanamie. FCR 1.2. Tempuh ternak 70-100 ikut sais jual dan cara ternak.

benih udang baru sampai

samakan suhu air dengan benih

siapkan kolam baru

anak saya suka tengok kapal korek kerja

kolam yang telah di taburkan kapur panas.

 kolam baru telah siap untuk masuk udang