December 18, 2007

marble goby from sarawak

Last Friday (14/12/07) after Friday prayer, I received about 29.6 kg of marble goby of different sizes compliment of my dealer friends from jalan kuching. These gobies came in three plastic packages each weight in at about 10kgs. They were packed with very little liquid which is a diluted form of anti ammonia solution. No ice is added to the fish. All the fishes survived the 9 hours ordeal without any problem. By 8 pm some of them have become someone’s dinner.

The gobies came in various sizes. Since there is no guarantee on the fish, I have asked for them to pack only healthy looking fish. The largest of the lot is about 4.6 kg and the smallest is about .8 kg. Somehow by the time we sell off all the fish, the weight have dropped by .300gm. I assumed it is water on the weight during the initial weight in. Here are some pictures of the fish.

This fish is about 4.6 kg

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