October 11, 2010


Salam. A tornado (puting beliong) strucked our village on sunday 26/9/10 at about 2:30 in the afternoon. About 300 houses and premises in the area of Simpor mainly Bukit Kecil and Batu Lintang were effected where trees were uprooted and roof flown off. Some houses were totally demolished while quite a number were hit by trees and other debris. As a heavy down fall occured from late afternoon till the next morning, many villagers are not able to save many of their belonging. Power only resume late into the night and most of us did not switch on the electricity for the fear of being electrocuted for there are water everywhere. Even the primary school and mosque were not spared as the tornado went on its rampage.

We have its worst and it effected all three of our hatcheries. We accept it a challenge from Allah and started our cleaning up and repairs right away. Quite a number of marble goby frys died as cold rain water get into their tank late into the evening and we are not able to switch on the heater. We were able to kept the air blower on using the emergency blower that run on petrol. It was the next morning that we realized that a lot of our cabling system have been severed by the storm. In the old hatchery, almost all of the office and hatching room roof was torn off leaving only the training center intact. At the same time, most of my employees home were also effected.

Still, we are thankful to Allah that nobody was seriously hurt by the storm. A friend who was resting above the office sprained both his ankle jumping down just as the the roof went down.

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Iszahar said...

Tuan Hj.,

Saya bersimpati dan harap Tn. Hj. bersabar dengan dugaan dan ketentuan Illahi. Saya doakan agar kuat semangat dan berjaya......