December 28, 2013

Building river raft for fish farm

Salam. A few friends from the village are helping to building addition river raft for the fish farm. We are building 24 frames of 10 X 10 feet. Its take about a day to build the frame and floating it the the farm site. Its take another 4 days to build the walk way, joining it to the others raft frames, and anchoring. A total of 58 tongs is needed together with about 300 g. i. bolt and nut. For anchoring, 14 mm uv treated green rope will be used anchored to mangrove tree trunk pile to the river bottom. The water level around the farm is about 30-35 feet at low tide.  

This raft is to accommodate the fish that was introduce to the farm 3 months ago and needed to be segreated and graded by size and reduce from 500 pieces per frame to about 250 per frame at 300-700 gm a piece. For grouper of any spices, it should be about 80-100 per frames and for the bigger type such as giant grouper ie long tan or kertang, it should be about 4-5 pieces per frame up to 10 kg. The net needed for the larger fish will be larger where two frames will be combined using only one 10 by 20 feet net with large net hole size it 2 inches and above.


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