December 28, 2013

The dry season

Salam. In the northern state ie Kedah, we can observe distinct seasonal behaviour especially in the fruiting plant. From middle of December to mid Mac, the period is known for the northern wind but the local called it "angin timoq" or eastern wind. It is normally warm, windy and dry day and cool and windy night. At on time in 2009, I have observed the temperature drop to 18 celcius in the hatchery and the net effect is all the eggs in the incubator turns bad.

With the cool and dry wind, the fruit trees start to bloom their flower including manggo, lemon, rambutan, mata kucing , longan , etc. So we can expect to have those fruits in April or May till August, 2014. At the same time four my pandan coconut started to bloom their first frond. This is from a batch of 16 trees planted in the farm compound. May be during fasting month, my family will have pandan coconut for break fast.

This period also observe snakehead fish try to jump from the pond to follow their normal wild instinct of looking for deeper water. Such, all concrete ponds holding haruan or snakehead we added with the orchid black cloth on the side to increase the pond hide by about 3 feet. Thus, the haruan have to jump about 5-6 feet if it want to get out of the pond.

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