March 6, 2015

Malaysia orchids.

Salam everyone. I am now having a new hobby of collecting and growing out local original orchids As you grow older, time will come for you to lay back and start to smell the orchid and flower and other natural thing around you for what it worth. At the moment have tag about 100 local orchid  while about 3 percent of my collection are hybrid and from outside the country. The pictures are not great but ok because some use my camera on the hand phone. 

Bulbophyllum Patens

Bulbo conniferum

Ceologyne tomentosa
Dendrobium tortile
Aerides odorata
Dendrobium fameri
Acriopsis ridleyi
Dendrobium lameelatum
Cynbidium bicolor
Phal  violacea
hybrid cattelya
Will try to post better pictures next time.


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