June 9, 2015

Marble Goby breeding


Since the disastrous dry season of 2013-2014 which could have cost us over RM100 k worth of fish, we have reorganized the management of   hatchery and growth out system. We have also stop other activities ssuch farming shrimp and barramundi. All earthern pond are now use as reservoir of fressh water for the grow out of the marble goby. We stopped all hatchery activities in 2014. Since then we have give more time at improving out nursery and grow out activities.

The dry season of 2014-2015 is shot ie about 3 months and since we  sorted out our fresh water supply management, we do not the same problem that we face previously. We are very cautious of the fresh water supply and noted that we are only running at 50% of our capacity.

The staff spend times at improving the farm and greding the fsih.We still about 5k of fish ranging form 3 inches to 8 inches( about 200 gm ) to care for. All of the brood stock were transfer to another farm and the fish are stock in concrete tank. There are about 80 pieces of high quality brood stock between 250-500gm each with more male than female fish. there are fed trash fish.

In early 2015, we try to breed some fish but its does not go down well. We were using dry hcg mix with oil base lhrha  (ie overprim). These hormone does not mix well. out of two batches of 10 pairs of breeder, only  2 pairs released their eggs and the hatched frys are very weak. The quality of the breeder is poor which contributed to the poor quality fry.

We source out freeze dry lhrha and improve the quality of our breeder and in early May, 2015 we start our breeding program again. In the fish batch of 3 pair of breeders, 2 paird realease large amount of quality egg and we filled up 4 large of these frys. Three weeks latter, another four pairs we given the hormone and 2 pairs responded with good amount of egg and fry which filled up another 6 tanks.

The staff have their hand full in producing live food for the fry, ie rotifer for the first 21 days followed by copepod for the next 21 days and the fry produced on first week of May, 2015 have transformed from larvae into frys with its camouflage color. It will now start feeding on combination of artemia and mosquito larvae.

These are fish hached on 2nd May, 2015

These fry will be graded at 45 days when they are about 1-1.5 in and will be feed with enriched mosquito larve.


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