November 26, 2007

marble goby ponds

above : haruan bujuk (channa sp) pond

new pond

Our marble goby pond

Above are some pictures of our pond at the very early stage. My brother in law Suhaimi and me built this pond our self based on advices from many of the village folks. Take it from us, some of the advice are OK but many are useless and costly. If I have to built these ponds again, I will do it almost the same with 3 exceptions : 1. will not use attap roof 2. will use 2 bricks format or bata sembilan as the wall, and 3. All ponds will be 10ft by 10 ft for easy management by 1 person.

Currently we have about 1500 fry in these pond and more is being put in. We have built 6 more pond besides the above pond. Currently they contain haruan bujuk which is a mix breed of channa lucius and channa striata.
Our pond are actual 20 by 100 ft divided in about many smaller pond. The height is about 2 feet. Water level is at most 1.3-1.5 ft. The other 6 pond is 20by10 feet with 40 inches height.
All water are drawn from an open well nearby using electric pump. All pond have its own water pump to get the water moving. Since we do not put too many fishes in each pond, the ammonia level are kept pretty low. We add in water to make up for water that is lost through evaporation every 2 weeks.
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Hanafiah Abdul-Rahman said...

Sdr syahmi,
Menjawab email saudara, setiap kolam dibina 10 kali 10 kaki atau 10 kali 20 kaki. Di satu penjuru kami letakkan sebuah pam kecil yang akan tembak air mengikut arah tepi tembok kolam. Akibatnya air kolam akan berpusing atau bergerak. Oleh kerana di dalam kolam tiada sebarang struktur, air akan berjalan tanpa halangan. Seperti yang saya nyatakan, tiada penapis digunakan kerana air yang ada agak banyak dan ikan yang di letakkan dalam kolam itu tidak banyak ia itu antara 40-70 ekor sahaja. Air akan di tambah setiap 2 minggu untuk menampung air yang kering kerana pengering.