January 2, 2008

dragon net

To collect the marble goby fry, a number of methods and gears are being used or deployed by the collectors. Some use pvc pipes or hollow out bamboo as fish trap, some use net to pick out the fry at night as the come very very close to shore and lay ambush for their prey, or use line and hooks. Another equipment that is being used by the collectors is the dragon net or bubu panjang. This bubu have many opening for the fish. However, beware for the user. I have seen monitor lizard, water python, linang, and all kind of animal and fishes getting trap in this contrapment and getting them out of the net is another story by itself.

This net is about 20-25 feet long (7 meters) with iron rod as its bone. There weight on one side of its so weight down the net to the water bottom. There is more than a dozen opening for the fish to come in. This contrapment is quite effective in catching the marble goby fry and mature fish.


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