January 4, 2008

marble goby from sarawak

This afternoon I received 25 kg of marble goby from Sarawak complement of my friendly trading partner, Mr Jason Beh.

These gobies came from Sarawak in those paper boxes and plastic bags. The plastic bags are quite loosly packed rather than full of air. Maybe if it its is too full of air, it might busted up when the air plane gets into the sky where the air pressure in the cargo cabin might be very low. The amount of liquid that we found in the plastic bags were merely 2 to 3 percent of the fish weight which is very low. The liquid was a diluted form of anti amonia.

All off the fish got out of the travelling ordeal alive and well. All of them were sold the very evening of it arrival to my office in Petaling Jaya. Hopefully, there will be more coming next week.

The box used to tranport the goby.
The plastic bag use in packing the fish.
The condition of the fishes out of the plastic bags. It will recover slowly when we put them into fresh clean water.
The amount of water drain from the plastic bag and fish.
Imagine 2.15 kg of succullent, sweet and aromatic steamed marble goby melting in your mouth!





n0n0n said...

lazat ni....masak 3rasa atau stim mmg tgkap leleh ar...